We love to help those in the community!

Hey folks.
YWAM Knoxville is so blessed to be able to give clothes away to needy people and families all over Knoxville and small communities like Briceville TN. We have done many “Free Yard Sales” (for lack of a better name) in many locations with clothes donated by people and places like Walmart in South Knoxville.
Check out this Facebook Live video of Rob Ellis telling you a bit about it!

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YWAM Knoxville was established in 2015, and is a part of YWAM Global, a worldwide movement of disciples of Jesus, committed to bringing about the fulfillment of the Great Commission, which says to “Go into all the world and…preach the gospel and make disciples of all nations!

YWAM desires to see youth from everywhere on the globe, going to everywhere on the globe, so all people, nations, tribes and tongues will hear the Word of God, and the message of salvation through Jesus, and will also have the Word of God in print or audio form, in their language.

To do this, we have established works around the world, training and discipling  faithful men and women who in turn will train others, going to the hardest and darkest places, into all spheres of society, to see the Gospel of Jesus preached, and the Kingdom of God come to earth!

In Knoxville, we have a heart to reach our city. Whether rich or poor, child or adult, refugee or native, we strive to bring God’s love into the areas of the city that need Him the most, and have not experienced, or, not even heard His name.