Join our Staff

Have you already done a DTS?
Do you feel God is calling you into full time missions?
Not sure?
Would you like to give it a try?

YWAM has a wonderful way to join with any base in any country on the planet through the ministry of Mission Builders.

Mission Builders is the arm of YWAM International that places YWAM alumni with staffing needs at bases. There is one location for your application, reference forms, and reviews, so you can apply wherever you feel God is calling you.

When you reach the site, you can contact them as a first time user. Then they will give you a username and password. You can communicate with bases right on the site and fill out your Volunteer Application!

Once you fill out the Volunteer Application at Mission Builders, they will inform us and we can begin a conversation with you. If we feel YWAM Knoxville is the place God would have you come to, we’ll set up a time to come, where you can stay for three months, see if it suits everyone, seek the Lord if He is in it, and then go back home and raise the support team you will need to be a full time YWAM missionary.

Don’t wait, click here now to go to the Mission Builders website.