Mission Adventures

What is Mission Adventures?

YWAM Knoxville is part of the Mission Adventures International Network, providing mission trips and training for youth groups and individuals desiring to go on a mission trip without the hassles of running it themselves.

Do you have a desire to experience a summer mission trip?

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How does Mission Adventures work?

Many times, a youth group will be too small to organize a mission trip, that’s where we come in. We will run the training for your group, prepare you with the Word of God in your life, making sure you have been truly saved, and pray for Holy Spirit to fill you with His power! Then, we will head out to preach His gospel to a dying world.

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We ain’t just “Clownin’ Around” on our mission trips, but these guys really draw the children to Kids Clubs!
You will love the kids you encounter and sharing the love of Jesus with children in the best thing in the world!

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If you love the Arts, or just love people, there is a place for you on our summer mission trips!

Mission Adventures: Niagara Falls, NY

We will head to Niagara Falls NY this Summer, 2024. We will serve a wonderful lady named Joanne who ministers to the kids, families, homeless, and prostitues of the "not so touristy" parts of the city of Niagara Falls, and will do many different things including food and clothing distribution to the homeless and refugees, , Kid’s Clubs, VBS as well as street evangelism to the homeless and prostitutes.

Check back soon! We will post more information about the trip.

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You will meet the most precious people from all over the world in the neighborhoods of Niagara Falls NY.
The areas surrounding the Tourist Trap of the falls, are very impoverished, and really need to hear of the love of Jesus!

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We will visit Niagara Falls and do the "tourist things", but we will also have a chance to witness God’s awesome creation!
As we are in the Buffalo area, we will also indulge in some authentic Buffalo Wings!

Family and team members sitting on a stoop in Buffalo, NY.

Mission Adventures: Knoxville, TN

You can also come and work with us in Knoxville. This is a beautiful city with beautiful people and we love to serve here.

We do our own ministry like giving out clothes and doing kids clubs, and we partner with other ministries to distribute free food, minister to the homeless and destitute, and reach the refugee population.

Come join us for an exciting week! The fees for this trip are $400 per week.

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